Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction

The EXTREME ABDOMINAL RECONSTRUCTION is a procedure designed by Dr. Knight. It is an advanced version of a traditional abdominoplasty, with some very important improvements over the original procedure. There are three distinct features of the Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction. 1. The wasitline is made measurably smaller and more defined. 2. The incision is moved off of the abdomen and down into the natural intertriginous groin crease. 3. The umbilicus (belly button) is recreated to exceed normal and achieve aesthetic ideals. Beyond the dramatic physicial changes, there are some significant functional benefits reported by many patients. These include improved posture, reduced constipation, and greater confidence. Some patients have sucessfully carried pregnancies to term and delivered healthy babies. Immediately, to the surprise of their Obstetric care teams and the patients themselves, their abdominal profiles immediately returned to their pre-pregnancy status.


For many women, pregnancy distorts the anterior abdominal wall musculature and permanently scars the skin of the abdomen with a myriad of stretch marks. These women often spend hours exercising with sit-ups, leg raises, crunches, and even roman chairs in an attempt to restore their form and figure. While exercise can reduce the fat layer, it cannot restore the muscle or remove the stretch marks. For these women, surgical correction is a good option. Using priniciples from the Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction, these women can have their bodies restored to beautiful form, contours and curves.

Male Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction

The idea of having a toned and tight tummy is not unique to women. There are quite a number of men who could certainly benefit from this procedure. The Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction techniques can create a truly impressive and sculpted abdominal form, as seen here in this patient who went on to win numerous professional body building competions. The only evidence of his procedure are the tiny projections of skin at his side at the end of the incision.


A Panniculectomy removes ONLY the skin and Fat that is present as an excessive roll on the anterior abdominal wall. This technique does not reposition the belly button, nor does it repair the anteiror abdominal wall. It is not the ideal operation for the patient, but it is the only operation that insurance will normally cover in this area of the anatomy.

Secondary Tommy Tuck--REDO TUMMY TUCK

Secondary, otherwise referred to as "Redo" Abdominoplasties or Tummy Tucks, are very challeging because the normal anatomical planes and landmarks have been distorted by scar tissue from the prior porcedures. In addition, the skin is no longer as distensible as it was before. Being less pliable, it will not stretch as much as would be ideally preferred. Many surgeons will NOT and some quite frankly are not able to do these procedures.

I have performed many of these procedures. While there are technical challenges, my understanding of the anatomy from General Surgery combined with the techniques from my training in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery enables me to perform these procedures with relative ease compared to other surgeons who have not had such extensive training. The results for these patients are amazing.

SuperMom Special

Performing simultaneous breast and abdominal surgeries is sometimes called the "Mommy Makeover." Breast operations combined with the Extreme Abdominal Reconstruction is called the SuperMom Special, a tribute the the wonderful women who have made our world a much better place. It is only fitting that we keep them looking and feeling as great as they are. While some consider such surgery superficial, my counterpoint to them is that our bodies and minds are the most valuable assets that we have, and we should invest in improving them and preserving them at peak performance. This translates into a much better quality of life. Live it.

Tertiary Tummy Tuck--3rd time is a charm

I know of NO OTHER surgeon that performs TERTIARY TUMMY TUCKS. These cases are a medical and legal landmine of unhappy patients and bad surgeons. Yet, someone with the talent and the compassion has to help these unfortunate individuals. I have elected to be that person. If you have had disappointing results from your prior abdominal procedure, contact my office to arrange a complimentary consultation and consider the possibilities for restoring your form and figure to the aesthetic ideal.

Fleur-de-Lis Abdominal Reconstruction

This patient previously underwent a Fleur-de-Lis abdominoplasty 3 years previously. The patient presented with complaints of the unusual abdominal scar inthe area above the mons, and the residual rolls of excess skin and fat in the waist, the medial thigh, the braline and the upper back area. In addition, the breast had been repaired with a Benelli Mastopexy and implant augmentation to re-establish lost volume. Unfortunately, the procedure on the breast was complicated by recurrence of the ptosis. A series of operations were required to reconstruct the patient and produce the results on the left. This required the very complicated work of undoing the prior abdominal surgery and reducing the girth of her waistline. In addition, the medial thigh area and the mons pubis were greatly improved beyond her prior expectations.


Liposuction and Liposculpture in the hands of a good surgeon can dramatically enhance the outcome of even disappointing surgeries. In many cases, the procedure can completely transform the appearance of a person, demonstrating the dramatic difference in the before and after results.

Buttock Implants

In a world of J.Lo, Kim K., and Nicki, people are now more aware of their rear. A major aspect of Brazilian culture, this phenomenon has now made its way into the consciousness of American, European and Asian societies. Like the Argentinian Tango, it has intrigued the world and our lives and our bodies will never be the same. The buttocks has now taken center stage as a defining feature of a nice body. In fact, there is a young lady whose Instagram pictures of her toned and athletic buttocks gained her global fame. For those not blessed with maximal gluteus, or those who ache at the idea of decades in a gym, there is an alternative: Buttock implants.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation (Fat Transfer)

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of implants in their bodies. Some individuals believe that they have execessive fat in some areas, and would simply prefer to move it where they want it most. For these clients, autologous fat transfer, such as the Brazilian Butt Augmentation, is an ideal option. Take the fat from the tummy...and use it to make the buttocks bigger.

Body Recontouring

Massive weight loss following dieting or bariatric procedures can mitigate many medical problems. However, it also creates other issues with which the patient must now contend. Multiple areas of loose excessive skin folds, and the hygeine and health concerns associated with it, sagging breast, arms and abdomen among others. What remains seldom seen is the psychological impact of these issues and the persons emotional and social behavior. These individuals often are very self-conscious, inhibited and many hope to improve their appearance. They fat may be gone, but the folds of excessive skin remain. Fortunately, Plastic Surgery has many options for redraping and recontouring the body following massive weight loss. Contact my office for an appointment and allow me to introduce you to the new you. If you have successfully fought and won the battle against the fat, then you deserve to live life to the fullest and enjoy having a healthy and attractive body.


For many massive weight loss patients, the arms are a constant reminder of the excessive skin folds. We use our arms daily, in almsot every activity. For this reason, one of the most sought-after post weight loss reconstruction procedures is Brachyplasty, or an arm lift. Like a tailor with a custom fitted suit, the excess skin is trimmed, nipped and tucked away to create a flattering fit for the slimmer version of you.

Calf Augmentation

While calf aesthetics are different for men and women, neighter gender is happy with skinny chicken legs. For this reason, some patients seek the increase the size of their calf area. When exercise has failed, surgical options include implants as well as autologous fat transfer to the area.

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